For Duo-Art and 88-note player pianos

New rolls let you choose the music for your player piano and buy it when you want it, not just make do with what turns up. New rolls don't have the damage and decay that old rolls suffer from. Buy your new rolls here!

Below are the catalogues of rolls for  standard 88-note player pianos and automatic Duo-Art instruments. Not sure what rolls your player piano can use? Have a look at the page on compatibility. If you know what you want, you can order directly.

Duo-Art rolls

These are special rolls needed to operate Duo-Art pianos that automatically reproduce the performance of the pianist. The copies here are exact replicas of original rolls, containing each and every punch in the original roll, all in the right place and of the right size, so the new rolls perform exactly the same as the original rolls. This is quite unlike the majority of roll copies, where the new perforations only approximate the originals, to the detriment of the music. For the specification of these new rolls, see The Anatomy of a Piano Roll.

A brief description about how the Aeolian Company made the original Duo-Art rolls can be found in the page about the Duo-Art recording process. If you want to know more about how Duo-Art pianos work, have a look at Understanding and Regulating the Pedal-Electric Duo-Art.

Standard 88-note rolls

Most player pianos use 88-note rolls, with the operator (or 'Pianolist') adding all timing and expression. Some instruments have an extra accenting mechanism to highlight certain notes, and the rolls here have accenting when this is appropriate. They will play perfectly on any standard 88-note player piano. The catalogue has a mixture of replica and new rolls, including titles newly arranged by Adam Ramet to play in a way that only the player piano can!

Special recut orders

I can only offer a fairly limited list of rolls off-the-shelf, but there are huge numbers of other rolls that could be recut. Ask for the titles you want: you may well not have to find an original because there are libraries of electronic scans that can be perforated to order! Anything obtainable can be cut for bulk purchase, where the buyer takes the entire perforator run of four copies. I don't copy rolls less than 50 years old, or older recuts.

Custom-cut new rolls

I can cut new rolls from MIDI files, as long as the MIDI file is provided in a form ready for cutting - I can check a file to assess how suitable it is for making into a roll. New rolls are supplied only in batches of four copies; it's not practical to supply single rolls or proof rolls, although I can provide examples of how the MIDI will sound once it's been cut into a roll. I cannot create MIDI files for you, so if there is something you want you'll have to find somebody to create it for you, and I'll then happily cut it for you.

What's new?

July 2020 -  New titles

September 2019 - A large and wide-ranging release of new Duo-Art and 88-note titles. From old to new (for Duo-Art) classics and much in between, and a good selection of popular rolls.

August 2019 - new titles from Adam Ramet 

Replica Duo-Art rolls - list updated 2 December 2021

Bulk orders: take 20% off the listed prices if you order 10 or more rolls, or 10% off for more than 5 rolls.


Price (£)

Titles marked NEW will be in the catalogue for a year after being added, maybe longer.
Titles marked LAST ORDERS will not be replaced when stocks run out, so order now!
Titles marked LONG ROLL are longer than Aeolian's standard maximum roll length of 100 feet - they will work well on most Duo-Arts but  this cannot be guaranteed
Duo-Art Test Roll
Duo-Art test roll, with description sheet. A modification of the standard British roll, with the zero-setting section extended to cover a wider range of notes. Very similar to the American "test roll number 3" but without musical examples. 12
British series rolls (originally issued only in Britain)
03 Three Cuban Dancescomposed by Cervantes, played by Adela Verne  16
019 Valse for Claudio ArrauSofie Menter played by Claudio Arrau 14
026 The Naiads and The Hobby Horseplayed by the composer, Leo Livens  14
061 L'Ondineplayed by the composer, Cecile Chaminade  14
062 Preludes, Book I No 2 Voiles Debussy played by Myra Hess  14
063 Toccata in AParadies played by Harold Samuel  14
0208 Etude Op 4 No 3Szymanowsky played by Myra Hess  14
0219 Le Gibet (Gaspard de la Nuit, No. 2) – composed and played by Maurice Ravel LAST ORDERS 16
0342 Cubana (Piezas Españolas, No. 2) – Falla played by Joseph Greene 16
0351 Rhapsodie Op 11 No 1 composed by Erno Dohnanyi, played by Frank Lafitte  LAST ORDERS
Standard classical series rolls (issued in both America and Britain)
515 The Hebrides ("Fingal's Cave Overture"Mendelssohn, played by Ganz and Hutcheson  22
5815 Rhapsodie Op 11 No 3 Dohnanyi pl Powell LAST ORDERS16
5835 Hoochee-Coochee Dance (At the fair No 1)composed and played by John Powell 14
6096 Lotus Land composed by Cyril Scott, played by Rudolph Reuter LAST ORDERS
6153 Prelude Op 12 No 7Prokofiev, played by the composer 14
6154 Reflets dans l'eau (Images Book 1 No 1)Debussy played by Copeland 12
6160-6344-6253 Marche Op 12 No 1 , Rigaudon Op 12 No 2, Gavotte Op 11 No 2composed and played by Prokofiev  14
6198 Prelude in G minor Op 25 No 5Rachmaninoff, played by Prokofiev   14
6210 Sarcasms Op 17 Nos 1 & 2composed and played by Prokofiev   12
6415 Humoresque in G flatBalfour Gardiner played by Grainger 14
6441 Impromptu Op 142 No 3 (Rosamunde)Schubert played by Cortot 16
6475-6479-6485 Piano Concerto Grieg, arranged and performed by Percy Grainger (only as a 3-roll set) NEW (LIMITED EDITION)52
6477 Love for three oranges - Intermezzocomposed and played by Prokofiev  LAST ORDERS12
6521 Berceusecomposed and played by Alfredo Casella LAST ORDERS12
6745 NightingaleAlabieff-Liszt played by Friedman 16
6774 Scherzo Op 12 No 10composed and played by Prokofiev  LAST ORDERS14
6826 Tales of the old grandmothercomposed and played by Prokofiev  14
6834 L'isle joyeuxDebussy played by Rubinstein 18
6872  Danza Jubilosa  Medner pl Medtner 14

6878 Rhapsody in Blue (part 2) – composed and played by George Gershwin (also available as a complete performance on LP005)


6882 March Of The Knights Op 14 No 2Medtner pl Medtner 16
6958 Widmung (Dedication)Schumann-Liszt pl Backhaus 16

6968 Mendelssohn concerto roll 2 – arranged for 4 hands and played by Wilhelm Backhaus LAST ORDERS


6998 Danza Festiva Op 38 No 3 Medtner pl Medtner NEW18
7001 Sheherazde fantaisie Rimsky-Korsakoff arr & pl Prokofieff 18
7075 Nocturne, Op.9, No.2Chopin pl Leginska 14
7094 Rhapsody in Blue (part 1) composed and played by George Gershwin (also available as a complete performance on LP005)
7107 Little white donkeyIbert pl Novaes 14
7108 Nocturne in F Op 55 No 1Chopin pl Hofmann 16
7152 Etude in F sharp Op 36 No 13Arensky played by Gitta Gradova 14
7207 Martha (Tango)Khariton pl Khariton 14
7236 Toccata in G majorBach played by Myra Hess 14
7252 LentoScott played by Grainger 14
7284 Novelette in B Op 99 No 9Schubert played by Gabrilowitsch 14
7287 Two etudes Op 10 No 6 & Op 25 No 12Chopin played by Horowitz 18
7310 Waltz in F Op 69 No 1Chopin pl Goodman 14
7314 Blaze away & Spirit of independence (Military march medley)Holzmann played by Leith & Addison 16
7318 Nocturne Op.48, No.2 f sharpChopin pl Hofmann 20
7327 Impromptu No 3 in G flat Op 51Chopin played by Cortot 16
7330 Confetti (Danse Chic)Media 14
7370 Wedding day at Troldhaugen (Lyric pieces Op 65 No 6)Grieg played by Grainger 16
7377 Norwegian Folk Songs Op 66 – Grieg played by Grainger 22
7379 Victor Herbert medley, played by Robert Armbruster  20
7386 Skazka Op 38 No 4 Medtner pl Medtner NEW20
7421 Film and Stage Musical Hits 1930 – various played by Ohman 18
8018 March from the Love for Three Orangescomposed and played by Prokofiev  14
LP005  Rhapsody in Blue (complete) composed and played by George Gershwin - a composite of rolls 7094 and 6878 LONG ROLL26
Dance and popular rolls (both American and British series)
7249 Rag Doll (Nacio Herb Brown) played by Henri Bergman 14
0906br Blue Grass (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) played by Pauline Alpert 14
0960 If I had a talking picture of you (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) played by Thomson Kerr  LAST ORDERS14
0964 Carioca (Youmans) played by Arden & Ohman 14
01064 The way you look tonight & A fine romance (Kern) played by Adam Carroll18
713386 So blue [waltz] (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson)  played by Muriel Pollock 14
713389 Hallelujah (Youmans) played by Freddie Rich 14
713404 Me and my shadow (Dreyer) played by Pauline Alpert 14
713415 Bye-bye pretty baby (Gardner-Hamilton) played by Pauline Alpert 14
713438 My blue heaven (Donaldson) played by Pauline Alpert 14

Replica 88-note rolls

Test roll
88-note test roll – from the original Aeolian issue. Tests each note, singly and with repeats  12
Argentinian 1920s tangos from PAMPA in Buenos Aires
La Cumparsita (Rodriguez) PAMPA 3177R  14
Cascabelito PAMPA B3596 NEW  14
Caminito Pampa B3807 NEW 14
Jazz and ragtime
Get Away Big - composed and played by J Lawrence Cook & Joe Hilbert (QRS 4676) NEW 14

New 88-note rolls

88-note rolls – Themodist where noted, otherwise plain 88-note

3 Gymnopodies by Eric Satie. Metrical arrangement from the sheet music. Themed.16
Ganz Allons Vite (grand galop de concert)  12
Gershwin/Grainger Love walked In & The Man I Love. Concert transcriptions by Percy Grainger, interpreted for the pianola by Sid O'Connell. Themed 

New Pianola Arrangements by Adam Ramet

Brand new 88-note arrangements specially designed to make the most of your player piano! 

(Songs come with a lyric sheet)

European popular music 

Moya Maruschka (Vilnov) Russian, from Petr Leschenko's 1930s recording 

Bugatti Step (Jaroslav Ježek) Czech, from the composer's 1931 orchestral recording 


Otto e Mezzo (8 1/2) (Nino Rota) The closing sequence from Fellini's 1963 film  

British light music and music hall

Fairy Queen Galop (Sydney Smith) NEW12

American popular music - shows, films, jazz and novelties

Star Wars "Main Title"  (Williams) a rendering of the entire orchestral opening on the pianola  
Carousel Waltz (Richard Rogers) from the film16
Let's Misbehave (Cole Porter) dropped from "Paris" before its New York opening 
Nickel in the slot (Confrey)
King Chanticleer (Nat D. Ayer) 

Classic ragtime

Treemonisha Overture (Scott Joplin arr Ramet) NEW16

The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)


Rose Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin) 


Solace (Scott Joplin) 

Jelly Roll Morton transcriptions by Mike Meddings

Mike Meddings made these rolls for his own concerts, transcribing Morton's 78s to recreate every nuance of phrasing and timing. Thanks to Mike, these are now being offered for sale again.

88-note rolls

Finger Buster transcribed from Jazz Man 12, recorded Dec 1938  12
Frog-I-More Rag transcribed from Rialto534, recorded April/May 1924  12


Ordering information

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Postal insurance is your choice. Limited cover comes with all services, and is what I will buy on your behalf if not otherwise directed. It always costs more to increase cover up to the invoiced value of rolls, and I will buy this for you if you request.Recovery if there are problems will be limited to the chosen cover. 

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